It is time to register your child for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. The entire Corpus Christi School staff looks forward to working with your child in the upcoming school year. They are committed to providing your child with an excellent Catholic education. In addition, to the high expectations for academic excellence, Corpus Christi School continues to be a safe haven for your child.  We are committed to partnering with you to foster your child’s academic, emotional and spiritual development.

Corpus Christi School academically prepares your child for a lifetime of success. As evidence of this, I can point to the school’s talented faculty, our Blue Ribbon distinction and how well our students perform later on in high school.  I am happy to report Corpus Christi School continues to improve and enhance the curriculum each year. A couple of advancements you may have noticed include the Dot & Dash Robots and the MindStorm EV3 Lego Robot Kits. These robots continue to enhance our STEM curriculum.

I am very happy to announce next year’s tuition will not be increasing.   Please keep in mind the Corpus Christi School Board does its best to make Catholic education available to all families. The school board has determined, after reviewing the school’s financials the following tuition rates. 

In addition, FUND IT THRU SCRIP (FITS) will be implemented. The FITS program will make a significant contribution to defray the school’s operating expenses. The FITS commitment to the operating budget is approximately $92,000. FITS is critical to Corpus Christi School because the cost to educate our children exceeds our per student tuition. As with tuition, the FITS program is part of your financial obligation to the school.  A description of FITS, Step by step instructions, as well as video instructions are attached.

The 2019-2020 tuition rates for Kindergarten – Grade 8 are as follows:

The administration, faculty, staff and board look forward to the start of the school’s 57th year of educational experience. I thank you for your confidence and in and support of Corpus Christi School.

Family Registration Form
Tuition Contract                                                   
Parish Affiliation Form

Catholic parishes subsidize students’ tuition when the Pastor of the parish verifies that the family is registered in the parish, that the family members are active participants in the parish, and that the family financially supports the parish through the envelope system. Students/families who cannot provide verification from their parish are responsible for the full non-subsidized amount of tuition.

 Submit by March 28, 2018.  

Kindergarten Registration


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